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land/a/tecture..from a college kid

Contrast Mount Sneffels by Wayne Boland 
Moonlit Fujisan by Chaluntorn Preeyasombat
Rocking on the Acqua Alta [Edit] by Chris Chambot
Good morning Karwendel by Dennis Fischer 

Mountain Biker by NordicPhotos 
Mountain Biker by NordicPhotos 
Mont-Saint Michel at Dusk by Jib Studios 


I’m currently traveling for the next five weeks in China and Philippines so if you notice I’m not liking stuff : sorry.

Oh and of course there’s a q.

Torres del Paine by Andreé Viegas 
Tori Gate at Miyajima by Matt Perry 

Santa María de los Caballeros Chapel by MGP Architects [Photos by Andrés Valbuena]

The architect writes: A Catholic temple is essentially a place to achieve communication with the Divine and the Human. The chapel for the Gimnasio Campestre and its surrounding community, is a building that spatially expresses this contact that results from producing a levitating deck, the divine, or an undermined space, the human, so that the temple is just the compressed space in tension between the two parts. Read More Here. 

Sunrise in Yangshuo by Maxim Solodov 
Aare Gorge by Vlad Jancek 
Land of the Clouds by Hadi Mohsentabar  
Burg Hohenzollern by Olaf Schober