College: When will it ever end?

Learning new things is a constant in my life that I don’t believe will ever change. However, I would love to stop attending college classes sooner than later. Yes, I have two degrees but they are Associates. It’s not good enough. If you follow my blog, you will know that I have been looking for work for more than two years with nothing solid to report. I attribute this to the level of my education and the immense gap in my work experience. Sitting idly is not something I can do very well. During that time period of my life, I had volunteered diligently in various organizations. Unfortunately, employers don’t consider volunteer work as “work experience”.

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Cleaning Up with Waterpik Water Flosser

Splish…splash! When I saw the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser for the first time, I wondered if it would take up much space on my bathroom sink. My second concern was, if it was going to make more of a mess than actually clean my teeth. Fortunately both of my worries were laid to rest after my first use.

The water flosser mechanism fits nicely on the ledge of my narrow bathroom sink, which makes it easy to refill the water canister during use. I refilled it a few times, because I was having fun sampling all of the different tools it comes with. On the downside the water flosser is not too convenient for travel as it is bulky. Unless you are traveling by RV or car, which would make it easier to store as opposed to stuffing it in a luggage.

If you follow the instructions that it comes with, your first use may not be as messy as mine. After taking a little bath while flossing my teeth I read that I should have closed my mouth to avoid getting wet. (eye roll) I also had it on a high setting – it was a recipe for disaster. Once I got used to the workings of the water flosser I found that it did the job so much more faster and thorough than the usual dental floss that I normally use.  I’m in-love with this tool!

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Weighing-In On Fat

I’m fat. There it is! I said it again for the umptieth time. Being overweight for so many years and struggling to come to terms with it has set me up for failure time and again. I’ve said over and over on this blog and in real life that I don’t feel off-balanced most of the time. It’s not until I see a photo of myself that I realize something is wrong. Frankly most of the time I have to take a double-take to make sure that’s me whom I’m looking at in the questionable photos.

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We Were All Created To Grow

“You were created to increase, to grow, to stretch and sharpen your skills.”
 ~Lakewood Church~
I often stare at my grandson’s and sometimes my oldest grandson will look at me then look away then look at me and ask “what?” and I’ll just smile at him and say “I Love You” and he’ll say “Love you too Gamma” and my heart just fills up with everything good that I can think of on earth and even in heaven above.
I stare at him like that because he’s growing so fast. I remember when he was only one and I’d tell him not to go out with the cats and later I’d see him cuddling up with them with all his might!
I remember when he was first learning how to do the shaka and now he’s such an expert at it. In fact he’s our shaka king!
I have another little one who will be 1 years old on the 20th of this month. I look at him and think you’re going to grow just as fast as your brother. AND, I have another grandchild growing in my oldest daughter’s womb.
I am sometimes, no many times in denial. We grow, everyone grows, at least physically we all grow but how about spiritually, mentally, psychologically? Some of us just stay put where we are and some of us seek more because we know we’re more. And there’s room to grow, to stretch, to increase, who you are, who I am.
It’s comforting for me to know that we are created to grow. I have a purpose in life and the tangible evidence is around me. I can actually see and delight in the results of my growth. I choose to grow, to have increase in my life, I’m still working on stretching myself, taking baby steps but it’s happening, and skills?  Oh, I need to seriously work on that still :))) But here I am honing in on those skills, sometimes I don’t want to, especially after a hard, hot, and exhausting day but I do it, I practice my skills because I know that people who are successful in whatever they are doing are successful because they are diligent, they keep their eyes on their goal, on God, so that even if they’re sick they can still find the strength to keep on.
Sunday in church, I was looking at our Pastor up there, Pastor Morraco, and I thought, he doesn’t miss a beat. He’s always there no matter what. That’s the kind of focus I’m talking about. And our church has grown and spread around the world it is so amazing!
If you are a mom with an at home business, you too should take this quote to heart by Lakewood Church, it will not only make your personal, family life much happier but it will also increase your business success as well.
Everything is connected after all :)))

A Honey Facial Makes My Crazy Day All Better

Last week I had a wrinkle on my supermom cape that had me running late from one thing to another. The busy momma that I am I had forgotten that my son was performing on that day. And son forgot to remind me the night before. We usually get up around 5:30 am every weekday morning. In this time we quickly go over our schedules to make sure we are on the same track and that we don’t miss something. Just minutes before middle child left for zero period (a class period that begins an hour before regular school hours), he mentions that he needs his trumpet picked up from the repair shop so he can use it for the performance. Me~>???? Oh, and that he needed chili for the fundraiser they were having. And he needed a few other things. Ay!

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Spooky Fun For Teens

Oh, how time has flown chasing away one big yellow moon after another… When our boys were much younger it was easy to entertain them on Halloween. Often we would take them to the local church for their hosted Trunk O Treat. My boys would love to walk by the various decorated parked cars on the church parking lot as they gathered candies from cobweb covered spooky trunks. My husband and I loved that we could keep them in a safe and contained environment.

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