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land/a/tecture..from a college kid

Aare Gorge by Vlad Jancek 
Land of the Clouds by Hadi Mohsentabar  
Burg Hohenzollern by Olaf Schober 
Run by David Hemmings 
Mount Tamborine Rainforest, SE Queensland, Australia - Ian Rolfe by zaibatsu 
Cliffwalk by Dana Lynch 
Largest Constructed Bonfire. Ålesund, Norway by Opticoverload
O espírito de Palmira by Mr. Birnbaum on Flickr.
1Z6A0521 by 大 星 
Budapest by Roberto Pavic 
Winter River by Ilari Lehtinen 
Mount Fuji by Murata Koji
Taj Mahal by Ronald Coulter 
Santorini 5 by Daniel Rericha